Someone has booked onto the wrong Run session, how can I move them?

If you find that someone has booked onto the wrong Run session - you can move them by cancelling their original booking and adding them to a new Run session. In the example below, I have put the same runner into the session twice. One of these needs to be moved to the following week's session:


Click anywhere along one of the names above to open up the Details page:


In the box next to "Status" over on the right - change the status from 'Active' to 'Cancelled'.

When you look at your list of runners - the second instance of "Nathan" has been moved (to the Cancelled tab).


Find the correct session to add the runner (the following week in this case) - click on "Add new booking" button on right: 


Add the details of the runner into the new session:

Place a tick in "Send confirmation email" if you would like an email to be sent to the runner, advising of the change. You can remove the tick, to update the information without an email being sent.

Finally, click on the blue "Save" button to save the booking.

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