Adding your Terms & Conditions

You can upload your Terms & Conditions document to your RunTogether site, in the Runs Module.

In your Admin Area, choose the Runs module from the left side list of options. Over on the right - click on the blue "Terms" button.

The next page will appear - this is where you can upload your Terms & Conditions document in the following formats: doc, docx, pdf. Click on the blue "Browse..." button as shown below and select your document from its location.


Don't forget to click on "Save Terms" when you are finished.

The following screen will be displayed. Your file will be renamed with your account name + Terms

If you wish to remove the file you have just added, place a tick next to "Remove?" and click on the blue "Save Terms" button and the file will be removed. If you wish to leave the file in place, you can exit this area. 

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    Liam Reynolds

    Any guide as to what our term should be?

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