How does a Runner join our Group?

There are several ways for a new Runner to find a group to join.

You can advertise your group's URL so that new members can Register with your group directly. (e.g.

In the top right corner of your site, there is a link to "Register" for new members. When the form has been completed and submitted, the user will have access to your site as a ClubSpark registered Runner.


For someone searching for your group - they can find it by searching on the main RunTogether website.

Find a Group:

Search by town name or postcode to find a group in their area.

If the group name is known, type this in the search box at the top of the site "What are you looking for?" The following page will return a list of runs that are associated with that name.

Click on any of these runs to be directed to the Group's Page.



Find a Route:

Search by town name or postcode to find a group in your area.


By clicking on the blue link on the name "Sportlabs Strollers", the user will be directed to the Group website - where they can register directly with Sportlabs Strollers Group.


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