Managing your News Pages

Within your news page, you can publish articles which are of interest to your contacts. 

First decide if you would like to include the news page on your navigation - place a tick in the box "Show in navigation"

Navigation sort order. You can re-order the main navigation using the sort order of each page. For example, you could set the sort order of news to 1, membership to 2, and booking to 3. The navigation would then be ordered Home, News, Membership, Booking.

Click on the blue "Save" button to save these preferences before you continue.

When ready, select '+ add new article' (blue button to the right, shown in screen shot above) to create your news article. The next page will appear:

You have the following options:

Show in public listing? Tick this box if you would like the article to appear in the public listing on your website.

Published date - Set the date for the article to appear. It will not show on your website until this date has been reached.

Page Title - Appears at the top of your article.

Listing Summary - brief summary of what your article is about.

Finally upload your photo. Click "Browse" and use the following file formats: .jpg, .png, .gif . Add your page text (see below):


Remember to click on the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

Within your news page admin, you can filter your list to find articles to edit or delete.


Clicking update will return all articles which have a published date, within your selected dates.






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