Session attendees

Once someone has booked onto one of your running sessions, they will automatically be added to the attendee list of that session within your admin area. 

From the attendee list, you can email your attendees, print off the list, export the data to CSV and mark the attendees as attended.

To get to your attendee list select the 'Runs' module on your admin area.

Click into the run you where you would like to view the attendees.

Followed by the session where you would like to view the attendees.

You can mark your attendees as attended by ticking the 'Attended' check box. This can also be done using the check in app.

To email all attendees tick the check box next to the first name column or select individual attendees by selecting the check box next to each attendee. Then select 'Email' above the table.

Add your message and click 'Submit' to send to all select attendees.

To export and print the attendee list, follow the same steps as sending an email but select 'Print' and 'Export to CSV' respectively.



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