How to add an administrator to your group

There are various Administrator Roles available in which you can assign to your contacts. These roles allow others to make changes to your Group, within their specific role.

For example, if you decide to assign full 'Administrator' rights to a contact, they will be able to make changes to all areas of your Group. Where as a  'Contact Administrator' can only make changes to the Contacts area, and so on.

In the Admin Area of your account, Click on 'Administrators' on the left hand side.

Click '+ Add Admin' on top right.

Then choose one of the following:

a) Fill in the details as required (this option is for a new contact, not already registered), or;

b) Click on the "Existing Contact" radio button and type in a name to lookup from your Contact list.

Tick the box corresponding to the Administrator role you wish to assign to your new / existing contact.

Remembering that the 'Administrator' role will give a user full admin rights. All the other administrator roles will give a user admin rights to the corresponding module.

Contacts who are not already register, will receive an email invite. The contact should follow the link in the new email they will receive to register with your Group as an administrator.

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