Creating a run

To create a run, click into the 'Runs' module on your admin area.

And select '+ Add new run'

You will first need to add all the details of the run.

A confirmation message can be added which will appear on the confirmation page once someone has booked onto the run and also in a confirmation email. 

Finish off the details section, by setting your start date, deciding whether you will be offering discounts and adding your contact details.

Next add your cover photo. This will appear on the run information page.

The final part of creating your run, is to add the session defaults. These can be changed at session level if required.

A new location can be added if you can't find a suitable one in the drop down list. 

Add all the remaining details and select 'Save run'.

Your run has now been created and is ready to have session added to it.

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    Rachel Fagg

    Yippeee! Have finally managed to add my runs. Thank you!

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    Dan Parkinson

    Great news Rachel! 

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