Edit Session / Delete Session

You can edit or delete a Session, from within the Runs Module in the Admin Area.

Click anywhere along the Run (e.g. code 1Adult: Adults Fun Run) to show the page where the Sessions are listed.

From here, find the session that you need to edit or cancel and click anywhere along that session (e.g. Sunday 16 October):

With the Session for Sunday 16 October Opened, click on the blue "Edit session" button.


From here, you can make changes to all the specifics of the session including : the date / time / location.



When you are happy with the changes you can Save the Session by clicking on the blue "Save session" button at the bottom. You can also can also delete the Session by clicking on the blue outlined "Delete session" button (see below):

After clicking on "Delete session" a pop up box will be displayed asking you to confirm - select "Yes" and this will be carried out.

Only the details for this particular session will be altered. All the other sessions in this Run can be edited or deleted individually, by following this process.

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