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To add a booking to one of your Runs, in the Admin Area, select the "Runs" Module from the list of options on the left side. The following page will be displayed. Select the Run from the list as shown below e.g. code: 1ADULT, Adults Fun Run, by clicking anywhere along that name:

On the next page, you will see all the available sessions for that Run. Choose the session by clicking anywhere along that row:

The next page will be displayed - click on the blue "Add new Booking" button on the right - see below:

Enter the contact details for the person wanting to book onto this run, as below:

If you would like to send a confirmation email to this runner, place a tick next to "Send confirmation email?"

Finally, click on the blue "Save" button. This booking will be added to the session and a confirmation email sent to the runner, if that option is selected. The next page is shown below - it will show the details of that booking. If the runner has a family member / partner who would also like to book onto this session - then you can click on the 'add runner' button and it will attach another runner to this booking. The contact details will be the same for the original runner.

Click on Add runner and enter the details of the second person:

Click on the blue Save button at the bottom of the page when completed. The two runners will be shown on the same details page as follows:

Return to your Sessions page and the new runners will appear as follows:

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