Edit a run / Cancel a run

After creating and saving a "Run", you may decide to change some of the details - or cancel the run completely.

With your list of runs displayed - click anywhere along the name of the run you wish to edit, e.g code: 1KIDS from the list shown below:

When clicked, the 1KIDS page will display:

Click on the blue "Edit Run" button on the right side of the page (shown above). Your details page will appear and you can make changes to all the previously entered data here:

Don't forget to click on the blue "Save Run" button at the bottom of the page when finished.


Cancel a run

You can also cancel the run on this page. Click on the "Cancel run" button (shown above) to do this.

If you had runners booked onto your course - a pop up screen will appear to confirm the cancellation. The system will send an email to all booked runners to advise the cancellation. You can add extra text to the email to provide additional information about the cancellation - see below:

Add your text, place a tick in the box next to "I confirm I want to cancel" and click on the blue "Submit" button - this will send an email to your runners and cancel the run in the system. To exit this screen without cancelling, click on "Cancel" in the bottom right and this will take you back to the Edit page of your run.

After clicking on "Submit" the following page will be displayed:


Back on your list of 'Active' runs - the cancelled run has been removed:

If you look in your 'Cancelled' tab - the cancelled course will be displayed there:

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