Managing your Profile

The RunTogether profile allows you to:

  • Set your Name and address, phone number and web address
  • Add GPS co-ordinates (Latitude & Longitude) to set your map location
  • Show your public email address and a 'reply to' address for system generated emails.
  • Set up Social links for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To access your venue profile click on the 'Profile' module down the left hand side of the Admin Area.




Email "Reply to" address. Emails will reply to the address that you enter here. The system will not deliver any replied emails if this is left blank.


Social Links:

Facebook: The group's Facebook page name e.g EnglandAthletics. You can get this from the end of the Facebook web address e.g. If it's a group include everything after the Facebook URL e.g.groups/englandathletics.

Twitter: The group's Twitter name e.gEnglandAthletic. You can get this from the end of the Twitter web address e.g.

Instagram: The group's Instagram name e.genglandathletics. You can get this from the end of the Instagram web address e.g.


Make sure you save any changes made by clicking on the blue 'Save changes' button at the bottom of the page.  

For more information, please watch our tutorial video.



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