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Your settings section is where you can decide your URL segment, add a logo and navigate to your Social links via the Profile page.

Your URL segment is used to create a unique web address for your RunTogether website. You can see this in your web browser address bar.

The short URL segment is used to create a unique short web address for your site. You can use this address as an alternative on social media, or flyers and posters, or anywhere else where space is at a premium.

To add a club logo click on "Browse". Please ensure the file format is JPG, PNG or GIF. 

To add footer links to all your Social accounts - you can click on the word "profile" as shown above and it will take you to the Profile page, which is where the links should be added.

To open your website in a new window to see how it looks, click on the link in the top right of the page, just beneath the settings symbol e.g.

Remember to click on the blue "Save" button to keep any changes you have made on this page.

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