Managing your Group Pages

You can make changes and updates to your Group Pages on your website in the "Admin Area."

Log in to your RunTogether account - over on the top right side of the page, click on "MY RUNTOGETHER" and select "Admin Area" from the dropdown menu (see below):


When you have accessed the "Admin Area" it will give you a list of options on the left side for the various modules in your account (see below):


Click on "Website" - on the right side, you can see all the tabs associated with the pages on your Group's website - starting with the Home Page tab.

Here you can make changes to the "Home" page, "Runs" page and "News" page (these page titles are set in the system and cannot be edited). You can also create up to three "Custom" pages. The "Settings" tab, allows you to set your URL segment, upload an image for your emails and set your Social account details (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Click on the links below to see how to set up each of these pages and the Settings tab, for your Group:

Home Page

Runs Page

News Page

Custom page


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