Edit Your Account Details

Changing your account details after sign up is simple and the process allows you to change the name, address, password, email in your account and more.

On your group's homepage, over on the top right side you'll see "MY RUNTOGETHER" - Click on this, and some options will appear (see below):

Select "Edit my details" and you will see the following:

On the above page, under the "My Details" tab, you can change your first / last name, email address, date of birth, gender and postcode. When you have made your changes, click on the red "Update my details" button at the bottom of the page.


Other tabs in this section include: My Group Run details (for emergency contact details), My Motivation & Wellbeing details (information provided goes to England Athletics) and My Password (to change your password).

Whenever changes are made in this section, be sure to click on the "Update my details" button at the end of the page, so the changes are updated in the system. 






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